The wine dinner will feature all sustainably farmed, organic wine selections highlighting different regions throughout France.

The range of wines is from grower champagne (all grapes are sourced from a specific vineyard site and made at the property where the grapes are sourced), to mineral driven and richer white styles of French wine, and finishing with full bodied, earth driven as well as fruit driven red wines. There will be no sweet selections of wine served for any of the pairings. The dinner is meant to give a “tour” of France’s well known wine regions, as well as areas of France that are more esoteric.

The dinner begins at 6:30 pm with a guest speaker explaining the styles of wine that will be served. The food pairings will be interpretations from our executive chef of what is typically served in the regions where the wine is represented. Cost is $100.00 pp Call 216-791-7880